Friday, 25 July 2008

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The blog commenced on 2nd July 2008, and is currently 22 days or three weeks old. It has three subscribers and the hits have not been counted to date.


Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Chinese Fonts & the MAC

Using the Chinese language on the Mac OS

Study tools


nciku is a free online Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionary and language learning web site for Chinese and English, based in Beijing. The excellent dictionary features example sentences, conversations, handwriting-recognition lookup, and more, with an active community of users in the forums.


Free. For OS X 10.3 and above (Java). DimSum is a CEDICT-based instant-lookup text reader. Also has the ability to add romanizations to Chinese plain-text files, RTF files, and HTML pages. Includes an array of miscellaneous tools: an abacus, flashcards, Chinese name generator, GIF creator, and various converters for currency, measures, numbers, romanizations, and encodings.

Hand Counting - Cantonese

lingo - numbers

lingo - colours

Ruby Pinyin practice - family names

漢語教程 第一冊 上 第二課

practice: mang, ma, hen, han yu, nan, tai, ba ba, ma ma, ge ge, di di, mei mei, ta, nan.

Ruby pinyin practice - ni hao

漢語教程 第一冊 上 第一課

practice, yi, wu, ba, da, bu, kou, bai, nu, ma, ni, hao

Hand Counting - Taiwanese

Gestures of Numbers in Taiwanese Way